Thursday, July 28, 2011

Karaoke Competition at School

The emcee officiates the karaoke competition. He then introduces the line of volunteered participants and another line of forced participants. Before proceeding with the competition, he first explains on the criteria taken into consideration for the evaluations.

One of the judges shows his talent and how the participants should perform on stage. Then, he got overexcited and refused to go down. We have to drag him down from the stage. He had proved himself an excellent singer. Therefore, he is more than qualified to judge the competition.

All of the participants are girls. Boys do not sing, not immediately after their puberty. They will only start singing after having dozens of kids and divorcing their fourth wives.

The three judges seemed extremely focused in their evaluation. The first judge is busy calculating his next month expenses and the other one is busy drafting on the landscape of his backyard. The third judge is still dreaming of his dream to be in the limelight. They are actually expected to judge on the vocal, pronunciation and showmanship of the participants as the evaluations are more on the participants' competency of the language. The competition is actually organized by the school’s English Department as its annual activity, not so much on the students' singing talent and ability. Hopefully, none of the participants had not waste their time and money in attending singing class at Yamaha Music School.

The girl won the competition, though she had actually made up her decision to participate in the competition at the last minute. She felt that her heart will go on with the sunken Titanic, if she did not join the competition (adapted from Celine Dion). She was loved by the judges but hated by the fellow participants.

In conclusion, the competition had received encouraging support from the students. Most of the male friends got hysterical and have to be sent back to class to be taught on morality. Well Done, Buddies!


  1. hahahahahahah what a funiest page......

  2. All of them is my beloved ex-teacher....miss them n my ex school